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Landscape Awards 2016

Each year several owners of residential and commercial property in Fullerton are acknowledged for the attention and maintenance they give to their property's outstanding "front yard" appearance: the view from the street. The goal is to honor those who provide beauty and promote care for the community as a whole and to serve as an example to others, businesses and residents alike. The following were the properties selected in 2016, with each of the owners honored at Fullerton Beautiful’s annual meeting held on November 13, 2016, in the Mural Room at the historic Fullerton Police Department building at 237 W. Commonwealth Avenue.

305 N. Sweet Street

Dawn Vonderheide Residence
305 N. Sweet Avenue

Completed in 2015 with the assistance of a city rebate, this non-thirsty landscape is accented with an owner-instilled walkway and black mulch, which makes the distinctive planting pop.


1417 W Amerige

Susan & Larry Enquist Residence
1417 W. Amerige Avenue

This do-it-yourself installation is watered by hose only occasionally.  Rocks were purchased on Craig’s List, and the creative details are courtesy of the owner’s welding and painting talents.

707 S Cedar

Gloria & Howard Bellinis Residence
707 S. Cedar Avenue

Such a beautiful green lawn – oh, wait, it’s artificial turf!  Surrounded by Asian-influenced planting and a front porch fountain, this beautiful retreat is as neat as a pin.  The turf installation got the attention of the neighborhood.

1000 E Chapman

Salon 1000
1000 E. Chapman Avenue
Sophie Morrell, owner

The owner is a life-long gardener who wanted drought-tolerant landscaping and also color.  She certainly achieved this, and the theme carries through to a lovely back patio enjoyed by her clients and staff.

1401-1425 E. Chapman

Margot Apartments
1401-1425 E. Chapman Avenue
Bill Polkinghorn, owner

The apartment complex, named after the owner’s mother, got a transformative front landscaping face-lift with a drought-tolerant theme.  There’s still plenty of color, and to the benefit of the residents, the theme was carried through to the courtyards between the buildings.

506 S. Euclid

Charlie’s Best
506 S. Euclid Street
Charlie Cosmas, owner

The owner says, “I love flowers.”  This is certainly evident around this long-time restaurant which has been “Charlie’s” for only 12 months.  Drive by periodically, and you’ll see that the flowers are changed out often so that there’s always a fresh and colorful array for the eye.

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