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Landscape Awards 2009

Each fall several owners of residential and commercial property in Fullerton are acknowledged for the attention and maintenance they give to their property's outstanding "front yard" appearance: the view from the street. The goal is to honor those who provide beauty and promote care for the community as a whole and to serve as an example to others, businesses and residents alike. The following were the properties selected in 2009.

764 Arroues Drive

Donna Myrdal & Brian Boucier Residence
764 Arroues Drive

Drought tolerant landscaping and national wildlife certified habitat.
646 W. Wilshire Avenue

Michele Zachariah Residence
646 W. Wilshire Avenue

Drought tolerant landscaping with succulents providing a seasonal color change.

Annadaire Gutierrez Residence
1325 W. Porter Avenue

Natural looking artificial turf as a substitute for a water thirsty grass lawn.

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