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Landscape Awards 2010

Each year several owners of residential and commercial property in Fullerton are acknowledged for the attention and maintenance they give to their property's outstanding "front yard" appearance: the view from the street. The goal is to honor those who provide beauty and promote care for the community as a whole and to serve as an example to others, businesses and residents alike. The following were the properties selected in 2010.

1375 Riverside Drive 

Frances & John Mathews Residence
1375 Riverside Drive

Drought tolerant landscaping that has replaced the lawn in the front yard.
400 N. Malden Avenue

Judith Kaluzny Residence
400 N. Malden Avenue

Succulents that provide springtime color to a prominent corner property in downtown Fullerton.
100 N. Hart Place

Pat Carter Residence
100 N. Hart Place

An array of native plants and colorful ground cover enhance the appearance along East Commonwealth Avenue.
801 E. Chapman Ave.

Office building of Dunlap Real Estate Investments
Paul Dunlap, owner
801 E. Chapman Avenue

Re-landscaped commercial property using palms, succulents and other water-thrifty plants.
1012 E. Chapman Ave.

Offices of Sharon Lewis-Bultsma & Maribeth Ekey
1012 E. Chapman Avenue

Drought tolerant landscaping as part of an adaptive reuse of a Spanish Colonial Revival bungalow.
1016 N. Harbor Blvd

Office of Frank Webb Architects
1016 N. Harbor Boulevard

Dramatic use of drought tolerant plants and trees to complement contemporary architecture.

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