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Landscape Awards 2015

Each year several owners of residential and commercial property in Fullerton are acknowledged for the attention and maintenance they give to their property's outstanding "front yard" appearance: the view from the street. The goal is to honor those who provide beauty and promote care for the community as a whole and to serve as an example to others, businesses and residents alike. The following were the properties selected in 2015, with each of the owners honored at Fullerton Beautiful’s annual meeting held on November 1, 2015, in the Mural Room at the historic Fullerton Police Department building at 237 W. Commonwealth Avenue.

812 W. Roberta

Sarah Roberts Residence
812 W. Roberta Avenue

Suggested by a former Yard Award winner, this "sharing" garden was spawned by gifts of cuttings and clippings from other gardeners.  Now it is a "giving" garden.


642 S. Courtney

Shellie Remenar Residence
642 S. Courtney Avenue

From weeds to a no-mow special, this yard is now a beautiful blend of artificial turf and colorful plantings.

721 E. Chapman

The Tax Place
721 E. Chapman Avenue
Mary and Vince Sinohui, owners

Neat as a pin with striking red accent plantings, the business owner's wife gets the credit here.

721 N. Harbor

Leslie Kristen Interiors
721 N. Harbor Boulevard
Leslie Trasport, owner

 This former home and yard on busy Harbor Blvd. was a rescue and recovery operation by the new owner. The cottage style garden accents this charming California bungalow perfectly.

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