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Fullerton Beautiful's
Open Gardens Tour of 2016

Thanks to everyone who attended this year's 30th Annual Open Gardens Tour on Sunday, April 24, 2016.  More than 500 people visited the seven private gardens that were featured in this year’s tour.  A photo of each of these gardens, which showcased a wide variety of landscaping and hardscape features, is exhibited below. 

Watch this site for details about next year's tour. Each spring up to eight selected private gardens in Fullerton are open to the public under Fullerton Beautiful's sponsorship. The goal is to showcase a diversity of landscape design, plant material, and use of hardscape features that may offer ideas as well as an opportunity to interact with local gardeners.

On Roberta Avenue:  An exemplary garden that exhibits an owner’s resourcefulness, ingenuity and a DIY attitude in creating a delightful arrangement of plants and hardscape features with minimal financial outlay.


On Beverly Drive:  A front yard featuring drought tolerant landscaping of cacti, agave, yucca, and other massive succulents, and a back yard devoted to whimsical artwork and sculptures amongst a vegetable garden and other seasonal plantings.


On Valencia Drive:  A church’s “community garden” that provides an opportunity to learn the wonders of nature with its bounty of fruits and vegetables as well as a place of reflection and spiritual growth.


On Richman Knoll:  The owner enjoys designing and re-designing the many and various gardens – including a rose, perennial, English, Mediterranean, shade, and succulent and cactus – which surround the residence on a large, semi-rural lot.



On N. Highland Avenue:  The owner’s carefully pruned and wired pines and junipers from small plants to large bonsai over many years has created a garden of peace and harmony.


On Lexington Drive:  With an underground irrigation system and an interesting array of drought resistant plants and trees, the backyard space of the residence is maximized for entertainment and minimized for maintenance.



At Commonwealth and Highland Avenues: The newly re-landscaped gardens at the Fullerton Police Station included the removal of turf, a buried irrigation system, and the additional planting of drought tolerant succulents and cacti between walkways, edging and rock placements.


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