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Fullerton Beautiful's
Open Gardens Tour of 2019

Each spring up to ten selected private gardens in Fullerton are open to the public under Fullerton Beautiful's sponsorship. The goal is to showcase a diversity of landscape design, plant material, and use of hardscape features which may offer ideas as well as an opportunity to interact with local gardeners.

Save the date: The 33th annual Open Gardens Tour is scheduled for Sunday, April
28, 2019, from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. The tour features private gardens located in
neighborhoods throughout Fullerton.

Once again, Fullerton Beautiful has a wide range of beautiful and thought provoking, inspirational gardens:  an Asian-themed garden with entertainment space; a multi-themed garden that needed a machete to even start; a grass-free garden; a pottery and succulent garden; a "bring the outside, in garden"; and a garden with it all – from succulents, to shade loving plants, to wildflowers. Enjoy them all and be sure to ask the owners lots of questions.  They just love to talk about their “babies.”

As usual, the self-guided tour begins at the Fullerton College Horticulture Department. Enter the parking area from Berkeley Avenue, east of Lemon Street (see map, below). Berkeley Avenue is north of Chapman Avenue.

Fullerton College Map

Pick up a map showing the location of the gardens for $15.00 per map, and enjoy an afternoon of visiting as many of the gardens as you like.  The map will be available after 11:00 am and until 3:00 pm.

SPECIAL FOR CURRENT (2019) FULLERTON BEAUTIFUL MEMBERS:  Identify yourself at the check-in table, and you will get a map for free!

Before proceeding on the tour, please walk around the grounds of the Fullerton College Horticulture Department, enjoy its gardens and buy a plant to support its programs. For you convenience, your purchases can be held at the entrance while you enjoy the garden tour.

For further information call Kay Miller at (714) 394-5805.

A portion of the proceeds of Fullerton Beautiful's Open Gardens Tour goes to funding scholarships at Fullerton College and special Fullerton projects.
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