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Local artist Judith Smith Trasport designed the logo for Fullerton Beautiful. In her own words the logo depicts “A gardener bending over our city.”



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Save the Date: 2017 Open Gardens Tour

Sunday, April 30

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In February of 1984, a group of citizens, concerned with the appearance of Fullerton with the hosting of our Olympic event, met to form a committee whose slogan was “Spruce Up, Fullerton, Company’s Coming.” Plans were made to add landscaping at various public sites and to sponsor a city-wide clean-up day. Our organization is an outgrowth of that committee.


Established in 1985, Fullerton Beautiful is a locally-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission includes the following:

  • To provide an avenue for those interested in local environmental issues, in particular how the city chooses to design, develop, and manage our public spaces and resources.

  • To initiate, promote, and support projects that provide sustainable landscaping to beautify Fullerton.

  • To educate residents of all ages of the importance of caring for our planet, starting with Fullerton.

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