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On-Going Activities

Open Gardens

Each spring up to ten selected private gardens in Fullerton are open to the public under Fullerton Beautiful's sponsorship. The goal is to showcase a diversity of landscape design, plant material, and use of hardscape features which may offer ideas as well as an opportunity to interact with local gardeners. Visit the Open Gardens page.

Landscape Awards

Each fall several owners of residential and commercial property in Fullerton are acknowledged for the attention and maintenance they give to their property's outstanding appearance. The goal is to honor those who provide beauty and promote care for the community as a whole and to serve as an example to others, businesses and residents alike. Visit the Landscape Awards page.

Arbor Day

Each year the city of Fullerton conducts an Arbor Day program, where groups are invited to plant trees at a particular public location. Fullerton Beautiful actively participates in this program in order to build a sense of public stewardship. Visit the Arbor Day page.

Community Contribution

Each year Fullerton Beautiful contributes to a worthwhile, landscape-related project and/or a scholarship fund at Fullerton College that assists a student majoring in horticulture.

Public Advocacy

Fullerton Beautiful takes a pro-active approach in city-initiated projects that involve the design of public open spaces and the beautification of public streets. The organization works with the city's departments to provide recommendations on proposed public landscaping projects as well as policies for the selection and maintenance of trees and other plantings.